Project Reflection

This major project aimed at writing a report for a local realtor, Nest Realty, and analyzing the company strategy on social media. Indeed, most of you might be aware of the growing importance of social media marketing among businesses. However, the remaining question is no longer if businesses must use the social media tool in their marketing activities, but how to do it better.

In this report we concentrated our analysis on the company strategy adaptation from one social media to another, its efficiency with helping customers and promoting the company as a whole. Whereas we chose to concentrate specifically on Instagram and Facebook as they were the two most strategic social media of the company to reach its customers, we also recommended to Nest Realty ways to engage and interact more efficiently with its customers  and how they could better translate their strategies across all social media platforms using rhetoric and business communication.

One important point of this assignment was that it has been completed per team. Those teams however can be defined as virtual as we never met in a real life situation with my teammates and communicated only on social media and by email. Each of us was in charge of a specific part whereas we were all contributed our best to the assignment and giving each other feedbacks.

Our report was then articulated by bringing together analyses of various posts by Nest Realty on their Facebook and Instagram accounts along with business communication and rhetorical dimensions. We also gathered useful information to back up our claims from various scholarly articles.

This major project helped us reaching many of this class goals including understanding the fundamentality of rhetorical principles and use them to analyze the persuasive and communicative strategies of business in the case of Nest Realty communication on social media. For those of you who might not understand those terms, rhetoric aims to improve the capability of writers or speakers to inform, persuade, or motivate particular audiences. Rhetoric happens in every communication aspect of our life as we are all challenged to communicate effectively. We’ve also enhanced our communication skills, which superior ones are significant competitive advantages as employers are looking at excellent written and oral skills.

We’ve also been able to apply different forms of research by including the company’s posts but also scholarly articles. We’ve also going through the writing processes for inventing, drafting, and revising our report along many weeks.

Finally, two most important dimensions that we’ve approached are how digital technologies and contexts including social media influence business writing. This is part of the digital revolution that has profoundly changed the way we live, do business, and communicate. In this report we’ve seen how essential it is to define a social media strategy as part of the overall company strategy. Also, as the world is becoming increasingly interconnected, virtual teams are emerging, bringing together people from different countries and culture to work on the same projects. We can actually say that we’ve experienced this type of work because as virtual teams, my teammates and I never met and communicated only on social networks and by email. This has allowed us to collaborate with colleagues in online and culturally diverse environments as I’m French and my three other teammates were American.

I can say that I’ve sometimes been challenged reaching those goals and applying rhetorical dimensions efficiently. But I’m glad I’ve experienced this type of project because is the type of work everyone is going to be involved in in the future. Indeed, it brought together important dimensions that are all rising in the professional world and the skills employers are/will be looking at. It includes working in team (virtual or not), collaborating and communicating efficiently, being comfortable with social media and promoting business online, and finally being involved and committed to a project success form the beginning to the end